What Each and Every Non Profit Exec Needs to Know about IT

Technology has proven to be an absolute blessing to and for nonprofits particularly those that are small to medium sized.  When it comes to disseminating a message and then rallying constituents around an urgent and critical issue, the utilization of tech can help level the playing field between an eight-person nonprofit and a corporate giant.

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“We Really Don’t Need an IT Provider!” Banishing the Myths

     It used to be that IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) services were only for large companies.  You see, the concept of managed IT originally was created for very large businesses and government institutions.

     Today however, this thinking has become somewhat obsolete.  And according to Rockford IT, an international, highly-experienced IT service firm whose clients range from multinationals with over 500 IT users to smaller companies with fewer than 10 employees, “Many businesses still believe managing IT services internally is the way forward.  They’re nervous about relinquishing perceived control.”

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Is Office 365 the Right Fit for You?

Did you know that Microsoft, which for many years has been a contributor to various nonprofits and charities, has created a program that provides participating nonprofits with something both useful and useable? 


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You’ve Been Served!

     Servers create a crucial function in any network.  In that case: exactly what is a server and what does it really do?


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"Heartbleed Bug"- This Type of Bug Has One Devastating “Bite”

Just what is the Heartbleed Bug?  No, it definitely is NOT some new, exotic and rare species. 

     Then, what the heck is it?


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