Knocking Cyber Security Threats Out For The Count, Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of “Knocking Cyber Security Threats Out For The Count.”  As I stated in Part One, there is an increasing trend of the hacking of organizations and businesses.  This is a rather critical and dire state of affairs.

     But if you think nonprofit organizations are immune, think again.  Each and every day, nonprofits handle large volumes of sensitive data--including confidential emails, client records and donor information.   They are at as much risk as any other type of organization.

     Cybersecurity (CS) continues to be a critical, hot-button issue.  Therefore, I’m presenting an essential Q&A with renowned cyber security expert, Mr. Chris Dufour. 

     According to, Dufour is “a preeminent expert in employing digital strategy and technologies for defense, intelligence and diplomacy.  A founding member of what is now known as the Joint IED Defeat Organization, Chris piloted studies in web-based data gathering and sense-making to detect online criminal networks.  

     To learn why data security should be a number one priority for nonprofits, visit:

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