Knocking Cyber Security Threats Out For The Count, Part One

As you may be aware, the hacking of organizations and businesses is on the rise.  This trend is both serious…and alarming.

Without a doubt, this is dire news.  And, nonprofit organizations are not exempt by any means.  Each and every day, nonprofits handle reams of sensitive data, including confidential emails, client records and donor information. 

Because cybersecurity (CS) is such a critical, hot-button issue, I’m devoting two blog posts to this growing concern.  This first one details what nonprofits can do to fight cyber security theft.  And next month, I’ll feature a Q&A with a renowned cyber security expert.  

Julia Campbell, an expert who assists nonprofits raise money and awareness for their cause by using social media, has written “8 Tips for Better Nonprofit Cyber Security,” an important article on this issue.  It states, “From banks to healthcare to retail to government agencies, cybersecurity experts are scrambling to fill the holes.”  To learn more, visit:

Eugene Fram, Professor Emeritus of the Saunders College of Business at the Rochester Institute of Technology, weighs in.  His recent Huffington Post article entitled, “Do Nonprofit Directors Face Cyber Security Risk?,” provides pertinent advice for nonprofit managers to thwart cyber security threats.  Visit:

Stay tuned for Part Two of “Knocking Cyber Security Threats Out For The Count,” a Q&A with a renowned cyber security expert.

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