“We Really Don’t Need an IT Provider!” Banishing the Myths

     It used to be that IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) services were only for large companies.  You see, the concept of managed IT originally was created for very large businesses and government institutions.

     Today however, this thinking has become somewhat obsolete.  And according to Rockford IT, an international, highly-experienced IT service firm whose clients range from multinationals with over 500 IT users to smaller companies with fewer than 10 employees, “Many businesses still believe managing IT services internally is the way forward.  They’re nervous about relinquishing perceived control.”


     Rockford IT adds, “This kind of thinking is, at best, backward thinking.” 

     Next, this firm dispels various myths about managed IT services for small to medium-sized businesses.  Allow me to share this instructive--and potentially crucial--information with you.

    Myth #1.  “Managed services are only for larger businesses.”  Rockford IT states, “Yes, it’s true that managed services were originally for big businesses and government institutions.  But to carry this thinking through to today misses one fundamental point:  modern offerings prioritize scale over flexibility.  Smaller businesses are more demanding than ever before and the market more competitive—so managed service providers have got better at communicating, they’re more cost-effective, more flexible, and easier to understand.”

     Myth #2.  “Companies that use managed services lose control over their infrastructure.”  According to the firm, “Everyone used to worry that the minute they handed their IT over to an external provider they were selling their soul to the devil.   ‘We’ll be trapped,’ they thought.  ‘They’ll leave us high and dry if the relationship goes sour’.  If you choose your managed service provider carefully, this kind of thing will never happen.  Any reputable contract will never attempt to trap you or stifle the level of innovation you need to keep your business ahead of the game.  A good provider will be very open to change and invite your input.”

     Myth #3.  “Infrastructure must be ‘ready’.”  According to Rockford IT, “Not true.  Managed service providers are used to troubled functions within your IT infrastructure.  These are the prime functions you should be looking to give to a provider.  Let them worry about the things that take up a lot of your time.  Problems often result from a mismatch of technology and internal resources.  External resources remedy this problem so make the most of them.”

     Myth #4.  “It’s all or nothing.”  According to Rockford IT, “I can’t farm out bits of my IT—that’s crazy,” is another common misconception.  The firm explains, “Historically, outsourcing was all or nothing.  And it’s true—mixed internal and external resource did indeed cause tension and friction.  But new approaches allow responsibilities to be shared, split between technical functions, certain days and times, levels of service or whatever suits the need of the client.  What’s great about working with an IT service provider is the knowledge transfer and collaboration opportunity, benefitting the internal team with leverage and a share of skills and experience.”

     Myth #5.  “More expensive than in-house.”  States the firm, “Again historically, this may have been true.  But now with the high costs of IT hardware, it makes perfect sense to take advantage of a service provider’s offerings—their high scales of infrastructure allows them to offer a much more cost-effective solution for you.  Not only that but when you think how quickly IT is evolving, what is the latest and greatest hardware on the market today may be out of date tomorrow.  The continual upgrade requirements can prove extremely costly for businesses.”

     And, I want to point out anothermyth about managed IT services for small to medium-sized businesses (cited by Myitpros.com) that needs to be banished posthaste:

     Myth #6.  “More people equal better service.”  Myitpros.com states, “The number one question we’re asked by prospective clients looking for a Managed Service Provider (MSP) is, ‘How many people do you have’?  It’s a great question, but it’s an unreliable question for companies trying to ascertain whether a firm is potentially a good fit.  Why?  What people are really asking is, ‘Will you respond to me quickly’?  The better question is, ‘Do you have enough people to handle the clients and workloads you already have, plus me’?”


     The legitimate answer?  “A true partner will be transparent with you about their current situation and forecasts.  It doesn’t matter whether the Managed Service Provider you are considering has 4 people or 40.  What matters most is their current workload, followed by the quality of their technical staff, management, systems, processes, and financial resources.”

     So there now!  You can wipe those myths right out of your head, and hire an appropriate MSP to maximize your IT results. 

     Your organization deserves that.




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